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Smart buildings are the next level of building energy management. By adding large numbers of wireless Internet of Things (IoT) enabled sensors throughout your building, we can turn it into a fully integrated network that generates huge amounts of previously untapped information. Self-learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) software can use this data to provide analytical insights at an extremely granular level, enabling highly targeted control on a room-by-room or space-by-space basis.

The power of smart technology can open new doors in the mission to achieve net zero buildings. For example, intelligent AI can adjust heating or lighting when rooms are unoccupied and learn from occupancy patterns when that is likely to occur. It can adjust lighting levels in different spaces in response to the amount of natural light available. It can even track movement through your building and produce heat maps to identify ways to use spaces more efficiently.

Think of a smart building as a BEMS-plus solution, taking control of energy in your building to an entirely new level. We can provide flexible AI packages as required, ensuring you have all the data you need to achieve optimum performance and make significant strides to achieving net zero emissions.

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We provide systems and services that maintain optimal conditions, save energy and lead you to net zero emissions

Systems and services that lead you to net zero emissions

We provide systems and services that fall inline with our vision.

We provide systems and services that maintain optimal conditions, save energy and lead you to net zero emission for the benefit of their business and the environment.

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Independent industry recognition of our expertise is provided via the fact that we are a Trend Technology Centre, a Siemens Solutions Partner and a Honeywell Centraline Partner.

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