Wharfedale Hospital

Wharfedale Hospital


Wharfedale Hospital provides high quality services and a wide range of specialties, supported by compassionate, caring and experienced staff, delivered in a modern purpose built environment.





Wharfedale Hospital



Opened in 2004, Wharfedale Hospital is one of eight hospitals that are part of Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. Set in Otley, North Leeds, close to the Yorkshire Dales, surrounded by attractive grounds with pleasant views.

The hospital offers a wide range of consultant led services, including an inpatient Day Surgery Unit and multi-speciality Outpatients. The hospital also provides:

  •     Endoscopy
  •     Cardiology
  •     Radiology (X-ray / Ultrasound / Mammogram / Dexa)
  •     Lymphoedema
  •     Pre-assessment
  •     Phlebotomy (Blood samples)
  •     Anti-coagulent Services (eg Warfarin)
  •     Chemotherapy

The original Trend installation comprised of a Trend 963 supervisor networked to 36 IQ2 controllers across the site serving a wide range of HVAC systems including Theatre AHU’s, Central energy plant, Generators and heating and cooling systems across the site. Open control have been carrying out the service support across the site since 2005 for BAM FM.

In August 2021 after the system operating successfully for 16 years, BAM FM made the decision to upgrade to the latest generation IQ4 controllers and IQ Vision supervisor software. Open Control were awarded the contract and utilising the existing Trend network and all the existing wiring, control panels and field devices replaced the Trend IQ2 controllers and Trend 963 supervisor. With the fact that the site had to continue to operate with no downtime we worked closely with BAM FM to agree a program of work which would not impact any of the hospital services.

Now that the system has been upgraded, we looking forward to continue to support BAM FM to take advantage of the Trend’s IQ Vision latest technology to help minimise the Hospital’ energy usage whilst helping them achieve their Green Plan to become one of the Greenest NHS Trusts in the UK.

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