Litherland High School

Litherland High School

Sefton  |  Merseyside

Litherland High School in Sefton, Merseyside is a mixed comprehensive with over 870 11 to 16 year-old students.
The school was built to accommodate the students of Litherland High School and the now closed Bootle High School at a cost of approximately £22.4m. Based on the ethos of “Achieving By Caring” and as a specialist language school, they class themselves as a global learning community, with links to schools worldwide.





Litherland High School





Litherland High SchoolLitherland High School

Key Points

  • Packaged AHU Integration
  • Natural Ventilation Control
  • Green Screen Display
  • Networked Controllers
  • BEMS Supervisor
  • Water Leak Detection


The BEMS system has in excess of over eight hundred connected points all of which can be accessed via the BEMS Supervisor. The Energy Centre panel controls the LPHW generation including Gas fired, Bio Mass Boilers, VT, CT circuits, DHWS, CWS services and monitors a number of renewable sources including Rain Water Harvesting and Solar Heating.

Sixty three air handling units complete with factory fitted controls are integrated onto the BEMS network and a further four dedicated controllers located throughout the school monitor and control a number of radiant heaters, general extract systems and natural ventilation via temperature and Co2 in the Science Block, Pupil Entrance and Break Out Area. The use of a weather station to monitor the prevailing wind and rain conditions ensures the natural ventilation is overridden if the external conditions are not suitable for its operation.

Litherland High SchoolLitherland High School
Litherland High SchoolLitherland High School

Due to the buildings use of renewable technology and BEMS system the building achieved a BREEAM rating of “Very Good”. The BEMS system drives a dynamic display screen mounted in the Reception area displaying the building’s energy performance this eye-catching display provides a visible reminder to the building occupants that their actions have environmental consequences and thus encourage more energy conscious behaviour.

Open Control 15 Years



9:00am – 5:00pm