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Smart Buildings & IOT

Smart buildings are the next level of building energy management. By adding large numbers of wireless Internet of Things (IoT) enabled sensors throughout your building, we can turn it into a fully integrated network that generates huge amounts of previously untapped information. Self-learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) software can use this data to provide analytical insights at an extremely granular level, enabling highly targeted control on a room-by-room or space-by-space basis.

The power of smart technology can open new doors in the mission to achieve net zero buildings. For example, intelligent AI can adjust heating or lighting when rooms are unoccupied and learn from occupancy patterns when that is likely to occur. It can adjust lighting levels in different spaces in response to the amount of natural light available. It can even track movement through your building and produce heat maps to identify ways to use spaces more efficiently.

Think of a smart building as a BEMS-plus solution, taking control of energy in your building to an entirely new level. We can provide flexible AI packages as required, ensuring you have all the data you need to achieve optimum performance and make significant strides to achieving net zero emissions.

Energy Reduction

A good BEMS system is ‘free’ in the sense that it should save you more in energy than it costs to install and maintain.

On average, the systems we offer cover approximately 87% of a building’s energy usage through the control of environmental conditions, lighting levels and small power. This provides building managers with unrivalled control of their energy consumption.

With automated energy monitoring and targeting (AM&T) software, we can help you to target your biggest energy using spaces, benchmark performance, set goals and achieve significant cuts in your energy consumption of up to 20%.


Our systems are so effective that they generally pay back within one to two years, providing an excellent Return on Investment (ROI) compared to other energy reduction options.

Our software packages can also provide the data you need to comply with government legislation such as the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), as well as relate your energy savings to CO2 reductions on your carbon footprint.

Support Services

The way buildings are used changes constantly. Unmanaged or poorly maintained systems can quickly become out-of-sync with operations in your building, reducing their capacity to save energy and reduce your CO2 emissions. That’s why we offer flexible ongoing support services to ensure that your BEMS or smart building continues to operate as it should.


Our services can include:

  • 24/7 remote operational assistance and hotline support
  • Emergency call outs with guaranteed response times
  • Routine planned preventative maintenance visits
  • Proactive recommendations and action plans
  • Regular energy reporting
  • Live interactive data dashboards

During our routine visits, we will always make recommendations on anything we can identify that can be enhanced to improve system performance and achieve higher energy and CO2 savings.

BEMS Projects

Our Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) are the brains of your building’s Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and other energy services, providing live information and automated controls that maximise efficiency.

We have vast experience in successfully delivering and enhancing BEMS projects in many different market sectors. Our solutions can fully integrate with a wide range of environmental control systems, including but not limited to:

  • HVAC systems
  • Lighting
  • Chillers
  • Energy and metered services
  • Fire alarms
  • CCTV
  • Clean energy sources (such as solar or heat pumps)


We provide a full turnkey service, including electrical installation, design, engineering, commissioning and ongoing service support. Our expert team will advise you on the best solution to suit your requirements using the most proven, reliable and tested products and open protocols, BACnet and Modbus.

We can also provide a range of flexible add-on packages to take your BEMS to the next level, such as automated energy monitoring and targeting (AM&T) and other software tools.

Legacy system? No problem

With over 15 years in the industry, we have the expertise to take on legacy and proprietary systems and integrate them into the latest BEMS solution to achieve better environmental conditions, energy savings and lower CO2 emissions.

We are a registered value added reseller for the following systems:


We are a Trend Technology Centre and can offer the full range of Trend Products. Trend are the market leader within the UK and have a proven track record for ongoing backward compatibility on all their products. The latest range of Trend product IQ4, has an inbuilt web server which can be connected directly to a standard I.T network allowing the user of the system to view and adjust control perimeters using a standard web browser.



With its modular design the DESIGO™ building management system for HVAC & Building services can be tailored to your needs. DESIGO™ operates with BACnet and Ethernet IP, making it open to current and future technology, and open to cost effective integration of existing or future third party systems. DESIGO™ can provide a comfortable working environment for building occupants enhancing compliance with current energy legislation and contribute significantly to reducing energy usage.


Tridium (CentraLine)

CentraLine is one of the fastest growing brands in the Building Automation industry. Established in 2004 by Honeywell as an independent brand for networked Building Automation, it has developed a Europe-wide infrastructure with 360 carefully selected and specially trained CentraLine PARTNERS. CentraLine solutions are based on leading Honeywell technology which is saving energy in more than 100 million homes and buildings worldwide.

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