Welcome to the family

2022-05-26T15:33:43+00:00May 26th, 2022|

Mark Ravenscroft A warm welcome to Mark Ravenscroft who has joined our family. Mark will be our new and talented business development manager. He has certainly hit the ground running and done an Incredible job so far. We are looking forward to the future and I would love to introduce this superstar

Directors Overview

2022-04-26T15:50:32+00:00April 26th, 2022|

Wondering how BMS controls can reduce your building’s carbon footprint? Our Technical Director Jason Stirzaker steps into the limelight to give a brief overview of how Open Control maintains, optimises and integrates effective building controls in order to help your company meet the government’s 2050 Net Zero initiative.

Energy Saving 2022

2022-02-04T13:59:49+00:00February 4th, 2022|

ENERGY SAVING Starts with us Yesterday was National Optimism day, but also saw a major hike in energy costs. Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create and we are here to assist. For many organisations, energy use is a significant cost, and

New Project Info

2022-02-04T13:41:28+00:00January 17th, 2022|

Winchburg Project in West Lothian We're looking forward to starting the BEMs and system integration commissioning on the Winchburgh Schools development in West Lothian. BeMS & Integration Commissioning Work will be starting very soon on the Winchburgh Project. This is a £60.5m project which is being delivered for West Lothian Council by

Racing Ahead

2022-01-17T16:29:54+00:00January 10th, 2022|

New Season Begins We’d like to congratulate our engineering Director James Mansell for a successful year in 2021’s racing calendar. It’s been the decision of James Mansell to start a small Race Car team called Mansell Racing, and Open Control Solutions has had the privilege to support him in his endeavours.

Happy New Year

2022-01-04T13:15:46+00:00January 4th, 2022|

Happy New Year Here at Open Control we hope you've had a great break and are as excited to begin 2022 as we are. Do you have any new year resolutions? Maybe you want to achieve net zero.We're here to advise and assist anyway we can and are offering a free survey.

Holiday Support

2022-02-04T13:41:42+00:00December 22nd, 2021|

24hr support for our clients! If you require a dedicated team to provide your support services during holiday periods, whilst utilising your BMS to reduce your energy consumption whilst retaining comfort, then please get in touch. Contact

Christmas 2021

2022-02-04T13:42:00+00:00December 16th, 2021|

Merry Christmas From the entire team at Open Control Solutions, have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you during the past 12 months, let’s make 2022 even better. Best wishes for the holiday season. We close on the 24th December and return on 3rd

A bit about BEMs

2022-02-04T13:42:10+00:00November 30th, 2021|

A bit about BEMs Linkedin Post November 29 Our mission is to make buildings smarter by helping businesses reduce energy costs and achieve their environmental goals by using our knowledge of manufacturers’ products and controls systems coupled with our forward-thinking approach to service provision At Open Control Solutions, we understand that the design

Why is it called COP26?

2022-02-04T13:42:25+00:00November 11th, 2021|

Why is it called COP26? Linkedin Post November 21 The Paris Climate Conference is officially known as the 21st Conference of the Parties (or “COP”) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the United Nations body which is responsible for climate and based in Bonn, Germany. So where do we


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