Mark Ravenscroft

A warm welcome to Mark Ravenscroft who has joined our family. Mark will be our new and talented business development manager.

He has certainly hit the ground running and done an Incredible job so far. We are looking forward to the future and I would love to introduce this superstar to everyone within the industry.

Open Control Solutions specialise in implementing and maintaining smart building technology to give our clients a better picture of the energy their buildings use.

Using wireless IOT-type devices, we provide systems that accurately monitor or control up to 80% of the energy used in public and commercial buildings, right down to the individual rooms. As well as reducing carbon emissions, these controls cut down your buildings’ energy consumption levels which leads to lower costs and a return on investment usually within one or two years.

Get in touch with Mark and find out how Open Control can lower your energy overheads today

Feel free to look over examples of our portfolio from 2021 below where we have helped reduce cost and achieve net zero.