Wondering how BMS controls can reduce your building’s carbon footprint?

Our Technical Director Jason Stirzaker steps into the limelight to give a brief overview of how Open Control maintains, optimises and integrates effective building controls in order to help your company meet the government’s 2050 Net Zero initiative.

Not bad for his first time in front of the camera!

Open Control Solutions specialise in implementing and maintaining smart building technology to give our clients a better picture of the energy their buildings use.

Using wireless IOT-type devices, we provide systems that accurately monitor or control up to 80% of the energy used in public and commercial buildings, right down to the individual rooms. As well as reducing carbon emissions, these controls cut down your buildings’ energy consumption levels which leads to lower costs and a return on investment usually within one or two years.

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Feel free to look over examples of our portfolio from 2021 below where we have helped reduce cost and achieve net zero.