ENERGY SAVING Starts with us

Yesterday was National Optimism day, but also saw a major hike in energy costs. Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create and we are here to assist.

For many organisations, energy use is a significant cost, and for some energy intensive industries it is actually the highest cost. What we highlight here at Open Control Solutions is that energy wastage does not just cost money, it also results in increased carbon emissions. 

As a result of energy price rises, customer demand and more stringent environmental legislation, there is continuing pressure on all businesses to reduce their consumption and emissions in order to remain competitive. Luckily, reducing energy use makes perfect business sense; and here at Open Control Solutions we provide the energy saving sense!

Energy saving with Open Control Solutions saves money, helps improve your companies performance, it’s output, enhances an organisation’s reputation and helps everyone in the fight against climate change.

Are you failing to meet your energy reduction criteria? need to be more efficient? Need to save money? But more importantly need to be saving the environment and achieving net zero!? Then come talk to us at Open Control Solutions!

Feel free to look over examples of our portfolio from 2021 below where we have helped reduce cost and achieve net zero.